Contact information

Contact information

In the Netherlands, the GP holds a central role when it comes to healthcare. If you have any questions regarding your physical and mental health, your GP is the first one to ask.

As well as answering any health questions you may have, a GP in the Netherlands can also perform minor surgical procedures and carry out pediatric and gynecological examinations. Generally, a GP does not provide dental treatments.

When do you see a GP in the Netherlands?
You can make an appointment with your GP for various reasons, such as:
  • You have urgent medical needs (call 112 in the case of life-threatening situations)
  • You have questions or you need advice regarding your health or that of your child
  • For physical complaints and / or mental health issues
  • For first aid and minor surgical procedures (stitches etc.)
  • You need support and treatment for a chronic disease
  • For preventative medicine (vaccines etc.)

General enquiries

Monday to Friday during working hours.


Repeat prescription

You can request your repeat prescriptions for chronic medication.


Urgent care

For cases where you urgently need a doctor on Monday to Friday during working hours.


Urgent care out-of-hours

For cases where you urgently need a doctor on Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m., on weekends and public holidays during 24 hours.



Are you seriously injured or in a life-threatening situation? Then call 112 immediately. The people behind this national emergency number can immediately call in a necessary emergency service, such as the police, the fire brigade and the ambulance.